About Us

Ahoy there, and welcome aboard me hearties. Pirates of Penryn is the debut project of SeaGriffin Games Ltd. We are creative duo Cait & Matt and we spend our time making board games and associated silliness here in the cafes and clifftops of Cornwall.

Pirates of Penryn was in development for two years and finaly burst forth upon the unsuspecting wider world via a successful Kickstarter campaign in June 2018, with boxes landing on doormats in December … yes, just in time for Xmas!

But we believe that board games aren’t just for Christmas! Sitting around a table playing with your family is a joy that we can experience any time of year! What better way to bond with your nearest and dearest than by turning the screens off and embracing your inner soundrel? Why harbour repressed venom when you could healthily express it by setting a seamonster on your older brother or hauling up broadside and starting a good old fashioned skirmish with your mum… after all you’re never too old to play pirates!

There are few things that fit together so timelessly as Cornwall, pirates and rum – and if you love all things Cornish then you’ll have fun spotting all the little details that have gone into the project. Many of the 60 unique crew characters have been inspired by fantastic village names such as Ventongimps, Kuggar and Mellangoose. If you come to fair Kernow on holiday you’ll see character and rum names from the game cropping up on signposts all over the place!


If you are brave enough to book a holiday in Cornwall despite the reputation of the weather, this game is a great antidote to a rainy day. Local charm but without the soggy jumpers. And of course you can take it home with you afterwards as a fond souvenier, or as a gift for those who were not lucky enough to see the mizzle (a special Cornish word that describes the halfway point between mist and drizzle) for themselves.

Even if you have never stepped foot in a boat, you can experience the thrill of navigating the perilous whirlpools of the Penryn river. It’s not plain sailing mind you! The wind and the tide change every turn meaning you have to keep your wits about you if you want to sail your florins back to your galleon and stow them safely below decks before the other crews steal your profits.

Oh, and beware the local seamonster – she’ll be trying to snatch things off your deck all the while…


We’ve loved making this game and all its silly spin offs. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.