Our tentacular new piratical offering! Stack ye treasure dice followin’ ye ancient code o’ dicey splicin’.

Stack yer towerin’ treasure dice & use yer planks to balance ye booty.. Build yr hoard high or cause some poor shipmate to topple all them treasures.  Tis a quick 15 min game for all buccaneers aged 5 & up, with modular rules to add challenges aplenty for the bolder gamers amongst ye!

Filled with 78 coloured treasure dice, 3 golden peril dice & 20 bilge rat ridden planks, with a treasure bag & rules o’ engagement.

Beware that parrot though, she be an epic nuisance.

We funded on Kickstarter and ye can pre-order yer copy HERE.

Come join the crew, & help us get it mde!