Audio & Video

Click ye HERE to download a ZIP file of whole ALBUM.
If ZIP files prove vexatious for ye, there be download links for ye individual tracks below:

1 Wrap Me In The Skull & Bones
2 Gurty’s Heave Away
3 Bob & The Mermaid
4 Morgawr’s Tail
5 The Shark (Bogdan’s Lament)
6 Squiddy
7 The Power of Positive Sinking
8 The Pusser’s Rat
9 The Cautionary Tale of Pru’s Tooth
10 The Lady Liza
11 Walk The Plank

And should ye be of a raucus nature and be liking to sing along, click on ye SONGBOOK for the words!

And lift yer eyepatch for a look at some o the tentacular videos we done gone made: