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New wares just over the horizon

Me hearties, we be very excited to say that a new game be brewin aboard the Pirates o’ Penryn flagship. We be gettin all our parrots in a row before bringing this beauty to Kickstarter soon. It do have lots o dice and be not for the nervous o disposition! If ye wants to be […]

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Blinkin into the light o’ 2019

Shipmates, we had a kracken christmas period and now we be back on an even keel post new year’s shenanigans. We’re swabbing the decks, hauling ropes and preparing the flagship for its adventures over the Cornish boarder this year. Hoping to make a few events and to get the game out into independent retail for […]

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They’re here!

Lordy, they be here! We hauled a metric ton o these beauties off two pallettes in the horizontal rain last week and have just finished packing and sending rewards to our 238 fabulous Kickstarter backers. We be receiving back lots o happy and excited noises, so we must have done something right! Huzzah! P-)

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Shipment takes to the high seas!

We be very excited to report that our shipment of 1000 copies of Pirates of Penryn is sitting on the dockside in Shenzhen waiting to take to the seas and make its way to Cornish shores over the next few weeks! The games should be with us at the end of November (real pirates willing!) […]

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Game on course for manufacture!

We be delighted to say, we have received our pre-production sample of the game and we are very pleased! Still hoping to make delivery to UK shores in time for Christmas. Come over and give our page a like on Facebook and we’ll keep ye up to date on how to get yer hands n […]

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Click ye the big red button to go to our LIVE kickstarter campaign! Afterall, X always marks the spot P-)

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