They’re here!

Lordy, they be here! We hauled a metric ton o these beauties off two pallettes in the horizontal rain last week and have just finished packing and sending rewards to our 238 fabulous Kickstarter backers. We be receiving back lots o happy and excited noises, so we must have done something right! Huzzah! P-)

3 thoughts on “They’re here!

  1. Just arrived and looks fabulous – I’ve not looked too closely yet as it’s meant to be a christmas present from my son, but can’t wait to get my hands on this one soon now – hope they sell well!

    1. Thank’ee fine friend! We are mighty proud of it. Don’t forget to take a look at the “how to play” videos when the time comes. They’ll get you afloat and skirmishin P-)

    2. Glenn fine friend, we have now updated ye shoppe with the original artwork options. Get in touch on ahoy@piratesofpenryn.com if ye sees one ye likes P-)


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